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The 3rd Annual 4/20 Spectacular is Here!

Come on out and celebrate everyone's favorite holiday with Flavors Detroit.

FRESH DROP OF NEW STRAINS: Rootbeer Float $12 NY Sour Diesel $12 Lime Crack! OG $15 Sour Breath $15 Sherbert MAC $20 Tropicana X Purple Punch $20 London Pound Cake $20

As if that's not enough.....

$25 Off All OZ's Prepack and Shake Included 7/$100 Jet Fuel OG Shatter 6/$100 MAC Oil 1G Vape 5/$100 Thin Mint Cookie Crumble 4/$35 Moonrocks (21 Different Flavors) 3/$120 Pink Lemonade HCFSE 2/$50 Godzilla Glue Shatter 10% Off All Pain Rub New Tarantula's: Purple Punch and Supreme OG

and the first 420 receive a Flavors Disposable .5G Cart

with a $50 Minimum Purchase.

and all of this with the best curbside service in the city!

Order online and save time:

Flavors Detroit Daily Specials: 4/20 Edition

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