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4G 1/8's ALL $10's,$12, $15's Strains

5g 1/8th's Tropicana & Wedding Cake

$20 Off  ALL Prepack Flower Ounces

$25 Off all Shake Ounces

4/$110 Connoisseur 1g Carts

2/$40 RSO 1000MG

6/$100 T.H.C Cough Syrup 200mg

6g/$100 Dark Horse Shatter

5g/$100 Premium Shatter

4g/$100 Top Shelf Shatter

$10 Moonrock's- 31 FLAVORS

4/$100 Flavors Disposable Carts

2/$25 Motorcity 180mg Ribbon Chews

2/$25 Motorcity 150mg Sour Drops

5/$50 100mg Lit Lab's Choc. Bar's

3/$25 100mg Lit Lab's Gummies

3/$25 100mg Lit Lab's Nerd Gummies

3/$25 100mg Motorcitys Edibles

6/$25 Pre-Rolled Joints

2/$20 Tarantula Joints

3/$50 Dirty Diana's Cigars

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Flavors Detroit Menu Section Flower V2.p

Featuring : 2 X Michigan Cannabis Cup Winner Tropicana Cookies! #1 Sativa in MICHIGAN


Today's Featured Exotic: ($20)Papaya Cake


Staff Picks: ($20)COOKIES & CREAM


($15)London Kush Aka Pancakes,

($12)Sunshine Daydream,

($10)Sour Tangie,

($8)Mars Kush 

$20 Strains=($60) 3.5g 1/8th

Tropicana Cookies "1st PlaceCannabis Cup Winner", Pina Grande, Sunny D

Wedding Cake, Apple Fritter, Zookies, Now & Laterz, Ice Cream Cake, 

London Pound Cake, Lemon Pepper, Papaya Cake, LA KUSH CAKE, OREOZ, Strawnana


$15 Strains=($50) 4 Gram 1/8th

Elmer's Glue, FRENCH COOKIES, Purple Punch, Sour Breath,

Chemdog, GG5, GMO, London Kush Aka Pancakes


$12 Strains=($40) 4 Gram 1/8th

Pineapple Slices, Gruntz, Rockstar O.G., Mantis O.G, SilverBack Gorilla, OG Kush Breath,

Super Lemon Haze, Sunshine Daydream, Funky Monkey, BigFoot Gorilla,

New York Sour Diesel, Jet Fuel O.G, Alien Cookie Pie

$10 Strains =($35) 4 Gram 1/8th

Super Glue, Gorilla Glue #4, Gelato, Green Crack, Blue Cheese, Frosted Cookies,

Zkittles, Chapo Glue, Sour Tangie, Granddaddy Purple

$8 Strains =($25) 3.5g 1/8th

Glue Biscuit, Blue Bastard, Mars Kush, Cherry Pie

$45 / Medicated Honey 1000mg

$45 / Zombee Labs THC Sublingual Drops 600mg


2/$25 Motorcity 180mg Ribbon Chew's

2/$25 Motorcity 180mg ICE Hard Candy's

2/$25 Motorcity 150mg Sour Gummy Drops


3/$25 Motor-City 100mg Baked Edibles

3/$25 Lit Labs 100mg Gummy


3/$25 Lit Labs 100mg  NERD + Gummy

3/$25 Lit Labs 100mg Lozenges


5/$50 Lit Lab's Chocolate Bars

5/$60 Amazing Edibles 120mg

6/$100 High THC 200mg Syrup

Classic and Exotic Strains

   Indica - Sativa - Hybrids  

2/$60 Flavors Connoisseur Carts 1G

4/$110 Flavors Connoisseur Cart 1G

$25 Flavors Connoisseur .5g Disposables

5/$100 Bell Ringer 1G Carts

5g / $100 Bell Ringer  Distillate Darts 1G

6/$100 A.P.C. Distillate Cart .5g

Flavors Detroit Extracts Section Transpa

  Expirence the Wonderful World of Extracts at Flavors Detroit! There's always something new to discover....  

Rosin / Hcfse / Sauce

3g/$150ExoticHash RosinBilly Kimber O.G

2g/$70  ExoticHash RosinPink Panties

3/$120 Monkey Mintz HCFSE

3/$120 Pink Lemonade HCFSE

3g/$120 Banana M.A.C  / HCFSE

3g/$120 Jungle M.A.C  / HCFSE

3g/$120 Gushers / HCFSE

3g/$120 Purple Punch / HCFSE

3g/$120 Chemwreck / HCFSE

3g/$120 Chop Shop O.G Diamond Sauce

3g/$120 Paradise Punch Diamond Sauce

3g/$100 Love Potion #9 Sugar Wax  

3g/$100 Billy Kimber O.G Sugar Wax  

 Value Buckets

 Rosin / Sauce / Sugar Wax / Budder

Mix & Match 4g/$100

$35 Juggernaut Beeswax

$35 Apple Fritter Crumble

$35 Wagyu Glue Rosin


Mix & Match 3g/$90 or $35 Each

4g/$100 Apple Fritter X Waffle Crumble

3g/$90 East Coast Alien O.G Crumble

3g/$90 Zookies Crumble

3g/$90 Sunshine Daydream Crumble

3g/$90 Do Si Dos Crumble

3g/$90 Bruce Banner Crumble

3g/$90 Gelato 45 Crumble

3g/$90 Clementine  Haze Crumble

3g/$90 Crunch Berries Crumble

3g/$90 Platinum O.G Crumble

3g/$90 Chocolope Crumble

Top Shelf Shatter

Mix & Match 4/$100 or $35 Each

24 Karat 1G Shatter

Lemon Butter 1G Shatter

Super Sour Diesel 1G Shatter

Pink Runtz 1G Shatter

Extraordinary Sativa 1G Shatter

Prom Queen 1G Shatter

28 Gram Shatter Slabs

$300 / $400 / $500 / $600

Cured Bubble Hash

3g/$60 or $25 Each

ELMER's Glue (Fire) 

 Top Shelf Budder / Batter

Mix & Match 3g/$90

3g/$90 Triple OG Resin Budder

3g/$90 Super Sour Diesel Budder

3g/$90 Mobb BOSS Budder​

3g/$90 Do Si Dos Budder​

3g/$90 White Widow Budder

3g/$90 Banana Mango Budder

Premium Shatter

Mix & Match 5/$100 or $25 Each

Catt Piss

Blue Dream

Gorilla Glue #4

Northern Lights

Super Value Shatter

6/$100 or $25 Each

Dark Horse

Medicated Rub

$35 /  Flavors Medicated Rub 1:1 - 500mg+
$55 / Flavors Medicated Rub 3:1 - 1000mg+
$90 / Flavors Medicated Rub 3:1 - 2000mg+


$40 / Pain Bee Gone Rub

$35 / Chill Medicated Rub - Regular Strength 500mg

$55 / Chill Medicated Rub - Extra Strength 1000mg

$110 / Chill Medicated Rub - Extreme Strength 


$45 / Zombee Labs 600mg THC Sublingual Drops

Flavors Detroit Menu Section Ounces.png

Prepackaged Shake Ounces

$110 Do Si Dos Shake

$110 Pineapple Express Shake

$125 Sour Diesel Shake

$125 Granddaddy Purple Shake

$125 Gorilla Knuckles Shake

$125 Gorilla Glue #4 Shake

$125 Northern Lights Shake​

$125 Jet Fuel O.G Shake

$125 Elmers Glue Shake

$125 Monster Cookie Shake

$145 Oreoz Shake

$145 Animal Cookie Shake

$145 Tropicana Punch Shake

$145 Now & Laterz Shake

$145 Jungle Cake Shake

$145 L.A Kush Cake Shake

$145 Apple Fritter Shake

$145 Wedding Cake Shake
$145 MAC Miller Shake

$145 Biscotti Shake

$145 Gelato 45 Shake

Prepackaged FLOWER Ounces

$155 Sugar Cookies Flower

$175 Tree Sap #4 Flower

$175 Grease Monkey Flower

$185 Cookies & Cream Flower

$195 Gorilla Cheese Flower

$220 Green Crack Flower

$225 Gelato Cake Flower

$225 Sour Tangie Flower

$230 Gelato 33 Flower

$235 Jack Herer Flower

$235 Elmers Glue Flower

$245 White Fire O.G Flower

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$25 off ALL Shake Ounces

$20 off FLOWER Prepack Ounces


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