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Thursday   @    Flavors  !

4g 1/8th's on Flower

$20 Off  ALL  Pre-Packed OUNCES

$145oz Sundae Driver

5/$100 T.H.C Cough Syrup 200mg 

5/$100  Mix & Match Premium Shatter

4/$110 Connoisseur 1g Carts

5/$100 Bell-Ringer 1g Carts

5/$100 Flavors Disposable Carts

2/$25 180mg Ribbon Chews

3/$25 100mg Flavors Gummy's

3/$30 100mg Lit Lab's Choc. Bar's

3/$20 100mg Motorcitys Edibles

6/$25 Pre-Rolled Joints

2/$20 Tarantula Joints

2/$40 Dirty Diana's Cigars

3g/$120 Watermelon Zkittles / HCFSE

3g/$120 Banana M.A.C  / HCFSE

3g/$120 Jungle M.A.C  / HCFSE

3g/$120 Purple Punch  / HCFSE

4/$100  Godzilla GLUE Shatter

4/$100  Blueberry Zkittles Shatter

4g/$100 Thin Mint Crumble

5/$100 Wedding Pie Crumble

3g / $90 Sunshine Daydream Crumble

2/$40 Black R.S.O 1000mg

$10 Moonrock's- 18 FLAVORS

Featuring : 2 X Michigan Cannabis Cup Winner Tropicana Cookies! #1 Sativa in MICHIGAN

(*excluded from any promotion)


Today's Featured Exotic: Flaming Cookies - Hybrid

Staff Picks: ($20)Wedding Cake, ($15) Animal Cookie, ($12) Jet Fuel OG, ($10) Jack Herer, ($8) Mars Kush


$20 Strains=($60) 4 Gram 1/8th


$15 Strains=($50) 4 Gram 1/8th


$12 Strains=($40) 4 Gram 1/8th

$10 Strains =($35) 4 Gram 1/8th

$8 Strains =($25) Standard 1/8th

$6 Strains =($20) Standard 1/8th

2/$25 Motorcity Ribbon Chew's

3/$25 Flavors 100mg Gummy's

3/$25 Lit Labs 100mg Nerd Ropes

3/$20 Motor-City 100mg Baked Edibles


3/$30 Lit Lab's Chocolate Bars 

5/$50 Chill Medicated Lozenges

Classic and Exotic Strains

Indica - Sativa - Hybrids

2/$60 Connoisseur Cart 1G

4/$110 Connoisseur Cart 1G


5/$100 Connoisseur Disposables

5/$100 Bell Ringer Cart 1G

5/$120 MAC OIL'S Cart 1G


5/$100 A.P.C Sauce Cart .5g

6/$100 A.P.C. Distillate Cart .5g

Expirence the Wonderful World of Extracts at Flavors Detroit! There's always something new to discover....


3g/ $120 Banana M.A.C Sugar Wax

3g/ $120 Jungle M.A.C Sugar Wax

3g/ $120 Watermelon Zkittles Sugar Wax

3g/$120 Purple Punch  Sugar Wax

4/$100 Pink Lemonade Shatter

5g / $100  Distillate Darts 1G

5g / $100 Wedding Pie Crumble

4g / $100 Thin Mint Cookie Crumble

3g / $90 Sunshine Daydream Crumble

4g / $ 100  Top-Shelf Shatter

5g / $100 Premium Shatter

3g /  $100 A.P.C Sauces Mix & Match

Take $20 Off All Prepackaged Ounces

$110 Gorilla Cookies Shake

$55 LARRY KING 1/2oz 


$155 Tree Sap #4

$165 Wedding Pie

$165 Sundae Driver

$165 Platinum Cookie
$180 igloozee

$195 Gelato x Wedding Cake

$195 Hell-Raiser O.G

$200 Jack Herer

$200 Green Crack



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