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Are you ready for the weekend? We know we are!

It's time for some quality rest and relaxation for both mind and body.

5g/$100  Lime Crack ! Terp Sauce

5g/$100  Cherry Glue Beeswax

5g/$100  Wagyu Glue  Rosin

5/$100 Mix & Match Premium Shatters

4/$110 Connoisseur 1g Carts

$45 / Medicated Honey 1000mg

$45 / Zombee Labs THC Sublingual Drops 600mg

2/$25 Motorcity 180mg Ribbon Chews

4g 1/8th's on ALL $10, $12 & $15 Flower

$20 Off  ALL Prepack Flower Ounces 

$25 Off all Shake Ounces

Plus New Strains: GMO, Sundae Driver, Bacio Gelato, Zkittlez, Rockstar OG and more!

Order Online and Save Time:$100Grease Monkey Shatter

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