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Lazy Sunday at Flavors Detroit: New Products available!

$25 Cherry PIE 1g Crumble

$25 Purple Punch 1g Crumble

3/$25 Flavor's 100mg Gummy's (All flavors restocked!)

$15g Ultra Refined R.S.O Syringes

$5 Awesome Tarantula JOINTS

2/$20 Amazing Edibles Indica/Sativa/Hybrid

4g/$110 Connoisseur Cart 1G

Plus, fully stocked 2019 Michigan Cannabis Cup Winner Tropicana Cookies! (excluded from any Promo) as well as Jack Herer, Elmers Glue, Superman, Granddaddy Purple, Strawberry Diesel and more!

Browse our menu from the comfort of your home:

Order online and save time!

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