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Happy Halloween from Flavors Detroit

Here are some extra tasty treats to keep you in the spirit!

$1 Awesome JOINTS 10am-2pm $6 Moonrock's 2pm - 6pm

3/$20 Motorcity 100mg Cannabites

3/$25 Flavor's 100mg Gummy's

3/$25 Lit Labs 100mg Gummy's

4g/$110 Connoisseur Cart 1G

$25 Cherry PIE 1g Crumble

$25 Purple Punch 1g Crumble

Plus Featuring 2019 Michigan Cannabis Cup Winner Tropicana Cookies! (excluded from any Promo)

Also in stock: Jack Herer, Elmers Glue, Superman, Granddaddy Purple, Strawberry Diesel and more! New strains arriving Daily.

Order Online and save time!

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