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Easter Candy for the Grown Ups!

You deserve to treat yourself. Here are some extra tasty specials for the weekend.

2/$25 180mg Ribbon Chews

3/$25 100mg Flavors Gummy's

(New Flavors: Fireball and returning Grape, Watermelon and Cranberry)

3/$30 100mg Lit Lab's Choc. Bar's

3/$20 100mg Motorcitys Edibles

5/$100 T.H.C Cough Syrup 200mg 

3g/$120WatermelonZkittles/ HCFSE

3g/$120Purple Punch/ HCFSE

4/$100  Blueberry Zkittles Shatter

4g/$100 Thin Mint Crumble

4g 1/8th's on Flower

$20 Off  ALL  Pre-Packed OUNCES

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