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2020 Flavors Detroit New Arrivals

The year is already starting off great with the arrival of several new products:

The New Wood Tipped Bell Ringer 1G Carts are now safer and longer lasting with a variety of popular strains such as Afghan Mango, Berry White, King Louis, Tropicana OG and Sunset Sherbert and so many more!

The New Batch of Chem 91' is even more tasty and potent!

The new arrival of the Northern Lights Premium Shatter. A must try for connoisseurs.


Top Shelf quality and a friendly atmosphere that you can rely on.

4g 1/8th's On Flower

$20 Off ALL  Pre-Pack OUNCES (Shake Included & Stackable)

4/$110 Connoisseur 1g Carts

5/$100 Bell-Ringer 1g Carts

2/$25 100mg Ribbon Chews

3/$25 100mg Flavors Gummy's

3/$20 100mg Motorcitys Edibles

6/$25 Pre-Rolled Joints

2/$20 Tarantula Joints

2/$40 Dirty Diana's Cigars

4/$100 "Private Reserve" Shatter

6/$100 Premium Shatter

3g/$120 JUNGLE M.A.C / HCFSE

4g/$100 Wedding PIE Crumble

2/$40 Black R.S.O 1000mg

$10 Moonrock's 23 Flavors

Browse our menu from the comfort of your home.

Order online and save time:

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