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TGIF at Flavors Detroit

As always, Flavors Detroit has the best specials around. Here are a few suggestions to set your weekend over the edge.

$2 Awesome Pre-Rolls (Limit 5) $10 Moonrock's ​$15g R.S.O Syringes

$25 Elmer's Glue Shatter

$25 Thriller #4 1g Crumble

2/$20 Tarantula Caviar Joints 2/$40 Dirty Diana Caviar Cigars

and the new strains,

Bubble Gum (Hybrid)

Mars Kush (Indica)

SuperGlue (Hybrid)

Mantis OG (Indica)

M.A.C. #1 (Hybrid)

Do-Si-Lato (Indica)

Hard Rock Cookies (Hybrid)

Glue Biscuit (Hybrid)

Order online and save some time!

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