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Super Bowl Sunday Specials

Are you watching the Big Game today? Let Flavors Detroit help you maximize the relaxation with a variety of tasty treats from Top Shelf Flower and Extracts to the most delicious Edibles you've ever had.

5g/ on $10 Strains

5g / $50 on $15 Strains

5g / $60 on

Cannabis Cup Winner Tropicana Cookies

and Wedding Cake

4/$110 Connoisseur 1g Carts (Fully Stocked)

6/$100 T.H.C Cough Syrup 200mg

2/$25 Motorcity 180mg Ribbon Chews

2/$25 Motorcity 150mg Sour Drops

5/$50 100mg Lit Lab's Choc. Bar's

3/$25 100mg Lit Lab's Gummies

3/$25 100mg Lit Lab's Nerd Gummies

5/$25 100mg Motorcitys Edibles

6/$25 Pre-Rolled Joints

2/$20 Tarantula Joints

3/$50 Dirty Diana's Cigars


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