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Ready for the Weekend?

We all could use some rest and relaxation. Let Flavors Detroit point you in the right direction to maximize the good feelings with some tasty treats.

4G 1/8th's ALL $10's,$12, $15's Strains

$45 / Zombee Labs 600mg THC Sublingual Drops

4/$110 Connoisseur 1g Carts

4/$100 Flavors Disposable Carts

$10 Moonrock's (Fully Stocked with new Flavors)

3/$25 100mg Lit Lab's Nerd Gummies

$55 / Flavors Medicated Rub 3:1 - 1000mg+

Mix & Match 4g/$100 Rosin / Sauce / Sugar Wax / Budder

6/$25 Pre-Rolled Joints

2/$20 Tarantula Joints

2/$40 Dirty Diana's Cigars


$20 Off ALL Prepack Flower Ounces

$25 Off all Shake Ounces

Order Online and Save Time!

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