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March 2020 Extract Blowout!

6/$100  Premium Shatter - BLOWOUT

6/$100 Terp Man Live Resin Budder

3g/$120 Watermelon Zkittles / HCFSE

3g/$120 Banana M.A.C  / HCFSE

3g/$120 Jungle M.A.C  / HCFSE

3g/$120 Purple Punch / HCFSE

5g/$100 Wedding PIE Crumble

3g / $90 Sunshine Daydream Crumble


$10 Moonrock's- 18 FLAVORS

$25 Off ALL  Pre-Packed OUNCES

4/$110 Connoisseur Cart 1G

Order Online and Save Time:

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